why “white”?

Because we don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ products; we offer our expertise to serve your objectives.
For every project, we begin with a white canvas. Together with you, we plot the solutions most suited to your needs and ideas.
Then we implement these solutions independently, with speed.
Finally, we verify the effectiveness of our solutions. Because our responsibility never ends with the delivery of the project, but with the achievement of the result.

Our Services


We provide advanced tailor made training projects.


There are many possibilities to satisfy your business objectives.


Technology is changing the world rapidly; also the world of Sales.


In an ever increasing globalised world, there is a need for personalised communication. It seems a paradox, but it is not.
And today, the most important asset of an enterprise is it’s own human capital, the natural ambassadors of your Company.
We know this. For this reason we develop advanced tailor made training projects.
We are able to create and produce highly interactive and immersive digital learning paths: multiverse interaction, augmented reality, video-games and any innovative solutions which make the courses fresh, engaging and effective.
Not only digital, many solutions require blended learning paths in which distance learning is expertly alternated with in-person training.

There are many possibilities to satisfy your business objectives.
With every day that passes, Modern Technology increasingly permits the realisation of innovative ideas. Also yours.
Augmented reality, internet of things, artificial intelligence: our rule is to keep ourselves constantly updated. And we are passionate about pioneering projects.
The path we propose is complete: starting with your business needs, we identify the technology that is right for you, develop the prototype and support the launch to market.
We build specific formats that originate in the digital world and land in the real world, offering your target an experience never before seen.


Technology is changing the world rapidly; also the world of Sales.
The models that, up to yesterday, gave good commercial results, now begin to show their limits.
Today it is necessary to think of new ideas, adopt different and lateral points of view.
This is what we do when we propose alternative ways for improving your sales results.
We follow and support all the phases of your business plan, from design to development, up to the training of your sales team at an international level.
We integrate online and offline training, adopting methodologies which achieve maximum efficiency in the least amount of time.

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